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About an hour ago, we started to be very annoyed by a helicopter circling overhead.  It was starting to get dark, and, when I saw it, it didn’t have anything particular in the way of searchlights on.

So, I got onto Twitter and started looking up items.  It was just after peak for rush hour, so I checked  They didn’t have anything showing in our area, so it wasn’t their chopper.

I “follow” a number of news media, some in the local area.  Didn’t take too long before I hit  (It must be their helicopter.  They got three usable pictures, and kept the thing up there for over an hour.  I guess it’s a slow news day, locally.)  Since the murder is nearby, we recognized the location.  In fact, from the pattern of identifiable stones, I was able to pinpoint the location as  It’s about a block from our church.  (The youth group is meeting tonight.)  Subsequently, there were other reports from other sources.

(Like  Yeah, you could probably say that this is suspicious.)

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