Corporate workers neglect danger of using public email services

According to research, recently conducted by Radicati Group, every 20th corporate worker at least once used email to send information classified as corporate sensitive or even as commercial secret. Among with it every 2 out of 3 workers use personal email boxes such as publicly available web mail services to exchange corporate information.

Public email services are not always secure as corporate email. Insufficient privacy policies of those services make its use for corporative data illegitimate.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal information in the event of a transfer of ownership of XXXX, …. ” sounds familiar ?

  • sunshine

    I have often faced the problem of viruses that can get into your corporate network when a user uses webmail.

    Your regular email filtering just won’t cut it and your entire defense is being circumvented.

    Users and administrators often use webmail intentionally for getting stuff they need through corporate defenses… which brings us to a different point of creating security solutions that allow the users to do their jobs rather than making their lives difficult.