What was your favorite book of 2010?

Wanting something good to read, I found myself reading “Neuromancer” again, probably for the hundredth time now.

Looking around for recommendation for new books in the usual places like “NYT Best Sellers list” turned up fairly dull results. So given that the crowd that reads this blog probably shares the same preferences as me, what book did you enjoy this past year? Any genre.

  • Mike G.

    Mine was Sandman slim. Just make sure you avoid the sequel.

  • JPG

    I really enjoyed the hunger games by Suzanne Collins.

  • _coreDump

    I enjoyed “Managed Code Rootkits” an excellent book with a twist for managing security by tweaking VM’s

  • darvaysh

    The Big Short – Michael Lewis
    The City & The City – China Mieville

  • http://un-excogitate.org Christian

    Read Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem”. It came out in 2008, but I didn’t read it til last year. Best book I read!

  • Laurent

    If you liked Neuromancer, i strongly recommand all the neal stephenson.

    The easiest to read are most likely Snow Crash and Diamond age, but i believe you will find all very entertaining