New computers – Mac (nets)

One of my Mac fanatic contacts, when I mentioned that I needed to connect to my old Windows machines, said that it was easy, you just had to open “Networks,” and there they all are!  Well, no, not quite.  Not by a long shot, in fact.  I knew there was something called “Finder,” which was basically the interface to the filesystem on the Mac OS.  I even figured where to find it, going to the icon on the extreme left end of the top of the screen, and figuring that choosing the “Finder” under that option would change the top menu items from the browser that was active at the time.

So, I found Finder, and I even found the Network part of it.  And I asked it to search for servers.  It didn’t find any.  So I asked it to find a specific server.  It didn’t find that, either, but the fact that the name I had specified popped up with “afp:” at the beginning gave me an indication that I had to specify a protocol for Windows machines.  I went searching in the help files, and, eventually, found it.  Not too hard to figure out that it was “smb:”  at least, not too hard once you know it.  I then was able to figure out, on my own, that specifying the machine name with a leading “//” was wrong, because the Mac helpfully and intelligently adds “//” to whatever you type, but is too stupid to figure out that “////” is wrong.