H2HC Brazil, Cancun and H2CSO… The true behind organizing conferences

So, thank you for starting reading this post.  I’m not going to announce the conferences that I organize here.  What I’m going to do is to explain why I organize them.

Many people ask me why I try to organize those conferences.  Some others says that I make a lot of money out of the conferences, and others ask for ideas/references or guidance on how to create a security research conference.

H2HC or Hackers to Hackers Conference is the oldest security research conference still in activity in Brazil and had a huge grow in the past years.  We have many other great conferences in Latin America, like the YSTS, Ekoparty and BugCon.  We collaborate with all of them.

Why is that?  Because the idea of organizing a conference, at least to me, is to grow the investments in security research in the area, to bring more companies, to create more researchers and with that, create more opportunities.

If the conference makes money, use it to grow the conference in the next year, to create other versions, like the H2CSO (Hackers to CSOs) which was a great idea by Fernando Santos (from Area Manager of Check Point in Brazil).

So, what do I have as benefit of that?  Meeting people, growing the network, sharing knowledge and more companies willing to pay for security projects… :)

Organizing a conference is very timing consuming.  And it is all about risk-taking.  Don’t expect to make money.  Don’t depend only in getting sponsors.  Try to guarantee the sponsors in the beginning of the initiative.  Try to guarantee the good local people are with you, and are going to support you.  And mostly important:  Don’t compete with others, create partnerships, alliances.


Rodrigo (BSDaemon).

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    Its all about fun and friendship.