Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-070, Important, Really??

So, SANS has set it’s InfoCon level to yellow to increase the visibility of this update, and hopefully to encourage people to patch it sooner rather than later. All I can say is that I hope that it does actually get people to apply this patch quickly.

Apparently MSFT are aware of “active attacks”, which begs the question as to why is this only rated as an “Important” patch? I’m sure they have their reasons though, but if you are running any web applications, you are really advised to patch sooner rather than later on this one.

The details of the patch, taken from Microsoft’s website are the following:


Executive Summary

This security update resolves a publicly disclosed vulnerability in ASP.NET. The vulnerability could allow information disclosure. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could read data, such as the view state, which was encrypted by the server. This vulnerability can also be used for data tampering, which, if successfully exploited, could be used to decrypt and tamper with the data encrypted by the server. Microsoft .NET Framework versions prior to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 are not affected by the file content disclosure portion of this vulnerability.

This security update is rated Important for all supported editions of ASP.NET except Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3. For more information, see the subsection, Affected and Non-Affected Software, in this section.

The security update addresses the vulnerability by additionally signing all data that is encrypted by ASP.NET. For more information about the vulnerability, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) subsection for the specific vulnerability entry under the next section, Vulnerability Information.

This security update also addresses the vulnerability first described in Microsoft Security Advisory 2416728.

Recommendation. Microsoft recommends that customers apply the update at the earliest opportunity.

As always people, be safe and patch asap, the Internet is a dangerous place….