Social Engineering Toolkit 0.7.1

For those of you who have never used the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET), you really are missing out on an amazing tool, and one that is guaranteed to make your lives simpler in the social engineering realm.

SET was written by David Kennedy a.k.a ReL1K, and you can find this amazing tool in either the BackTrack Linux distro, or you can get it via svn directly from Dave’s site. Full info on how to download this via svn can be found here.

SET is also tightly integrated with the Metasploit Framework, so you can easily make use of all the exploits within MSF to perform some really technical social engineering attacks.

I’m guessing that if you’ve never heard of SET before, you’re probably wondering what it can do, well, let’s put it this way, in the context of social engineering, what can’t SET do?

I would say that the best way to familiarize yourself with SET and all it’s features would be to download it and have a play with it. Then to go through some of the many tutorials available online.

There is now a section dedicated to SET over at Offensive Security‘s free Metasploit Unleashed training page, which you can find here.

Dave has also kindly put up a load of tutorial videos to walk you through the basics, and then some on his site. To check these out just head over to the Tutorials section on his site.
If you’d like to see a video of all the new features in SET 0.7, then have a look here.

  • Dave (ReL1K)

    Great writeup and thanks for the kind words and posting! :-)