ACCU / Bletchley Park Autumn Lectures

Bletchley Park, also known as Station X, is where the Enigma cipher was cracked during World War II, and if you have never been, it’s a really worthwhile visit.

However this post is not about Bletchley Park, more so, it’s about the Bletchley Park 2010 Security Conference. Confirmed speakers this year are the following Bruce Scneier, Whitfield Diffie, Andy Clark and David Khan, so it should make for a rather interesting conference. Something else that makes attending this conference worthwhile is the fact that all proceeds from this even will be divided equally between the Bletchley Park Trust and the National Museum of Computing.

As I’m sure a lot of you are aware Bletchley Park is in desperate need of support, and as a security community we can help to support this establishment that has already done so much for what we do today. I often wonder that if it wasn’t for the time and effort spent at Bletchley Park during World War II, where would cryptography be now? Would we be as advanced as we now are? Somehow I think not.

For more info, and registration information point your browser here, if you can make it, let me know via the comments and it’d be good to hook up for a beer or 2.

After the conference there will also be a fireworks display and a fun fair. What more could you ask for a security conference, a bar, fireworks and a funfair sounds like a great evening to me!