Pirate Bay Hacked!

So The Piratebay has been hacked, and the hacker who did it has made off with the details of 4 million users on the site.

The details in question are usernames, e-mail addresses and internet addresses, this was all accomplished via a SQL injection attack.

The hacker in question here is of Argentinian origin, and goes by the handle of Russo, he mentions that he considered selling the data, but then decided to just go public to show that the Piratebay’s security wasn’t up to scratch.

This brings up a very interesting point though, as he could probably get a fair amount of money for these details if he was to sell them to say, oh I don’t know, the RIAA or the MPAA for example?

Even with all the problems that the Piratebay have had over the last few months, it still remains one of the largest bittorrent trackers on the Internet, and having the details of 4 million users is a really nice bounty to walk away with.

The cynic in me is half expecting most of these users to wind up with nice little letters from either the RIAA or the MPAA or both in the next few months, but I guess we’ll just wait and see.

The Piratebay was down for a while yesterday, with the following message posted on the site. “Upgrading some stuff, database is in use for backups, soon back again.. Btw, it’s nice weather outside I think.”

Yeah, upgrading some stuff, that’s a good one actually. Maybe Zone-h should change their defacement archieve title to something along the lines of “Upgrade Archieve”

On a side note though, it is interesting when hackers tend to go after sites that are helping to distribute copyright material. This also begs the question of, could he have been sponsored to do this, say under NDA, with a large sum of money from some 4 letter acronym? I’ll leave you with that thought, but if I was running a bittorrent tracker at the moment, I’d be a bit concerned…

  • Anonymous

    Why did you say “username’s?” Apostrophes should not be used when making words plural. You need to change this to “usernames.”

  • xyberpix

    @Anonymous doh! Thank you

  • Volatile

    I’ve always felt a strong passion for honor in all things, especially hacking. If a hacker sells confidential information that would affect *lives*, then that hacker definately has no honor.

    It however does depend on what life it would affect. If it would affect a criminal’s life, a standard citizen or a prime minister. Both the first and third I would not have a problem with, but targeting the standard citizen is just wrong.