Conspiracy Theory

After a while (about 20 years in my case) around the anti-malware industry (the last couple of years actually in it…), you get used to the idea that everyone expects the worst of them… errrr, us:

  • hype and extreme marketing
  • FUD
  • incompetence
  • putting our bottom line above the public well-being
  • bad hygiene

Maybe the last one is a bit paranoid.

Still, we have a bad rep. And the popular myth that AV companies run AMTSO (the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization) purely for their own aggrandizement and marketing advantage has some of its origins in that universal mistrust of AV.

If you buy into all that, then you’ll also assume that when five AV researchers, all from different companies, collaborate on a blog that responds to the recent attacks on AMTSO, that’s proof of a conspiracy.

Actually, the AV industry is founded in co-operation: otherwise, your AV product would only ever catch the malware that company had seen in its own honeynets, been sent in by its customers, and so on. But apparently that’s a sign of bad intentions, too.

Whatever. If you’re interested in the blog, here are five places you should be able to find it.

(And for a somewhat related commentary,

Not speaking for AMTSO or the AV industry, and definitely not speaking for the testing industry or the media.