Malware2010 – The academic approach to Malware

The 5th IEEE International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software (Malware 2010) to be held at the Grand Hotel De La Reine, Nancy, France, Oct. 20-21, 2010.

The conference is designed to bring together experts from industry, academia, and government to present and discuss, in an open environment, the latest advances and discoveries in the field of malicious and unwanted software. Techniques, economics and legal issues surrounding the topic of Malware, and the methods to detect and control them will be discussed.

This year’s conference will pay particular attention to (and will also be extensively discussed in a panel session) the pressing topic of “Malware and Cloud Computing”. As low-cost Netbooks become popular, Google’s Chrome OS enters the mainstream, and social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so forth) become ubiquitous, the security dangers associated with the new computing paradigm increase exponentially. In effect, “Cloud Computing”, Multi-tenant, Single Schema, Single Server Platforms (C2S3P) increase vulnerabilities by providing a single point of failure and attack for organized criminal networks. Critical/sensitive/private information is at risk, and very much like previous technology adoption trends, such as wireless networks, the dash for success is trumping the need for security

Thus, the organizers of Malware 2010 solicit original written contributions addressing these issues and research questions. Manuscripts focusing on the security properties of Cloud Computing, the risks associated with the deployment of such networks, and the analysis of real incidents where a breach has occurred will be particularly welcomed.

The Call for Papers is still open, you are welcome to hand it in at: