Space Invaders

So a couple of weeks ago I was having lunch with Aviram, and they had this old fashioned arcade machine in the pub next to us. I haven’t been able to get this thing out of my mind and all the connetations that go with it. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that little machine, and what it means to us as security folk.

It got me remembering back, to when people believed that firewalls were all that were needed to secure a network, and how as people got smarter, we needed to implement other security measures such as secure OS builds, and host based anti-virus solutions. We then moved on to implementing IDS’s on all our networks, and also adding host based firewalls, and now we have separate firewalls for web applications and databases, and yet it seems that the old space invaders arcade machines have come full circle and are back out in the public space again.

It’s the same way that the fashion of the 80′s seems to making a comeback(why???), old games are getting deployed in public places again, and people are playing them, even though we now have more advanced games.
We are moving at such a rate in the IT industry, I really used to wonder how soon it will be until we’d gone full circle again. We’re deploying applications into the cloud, and in this space, we don’t care about managing firewalls, this is done for us, so we may as well not have firewalls. We don’t deploy IDS’s in the cloud, or web/database firewalls, we don’t care about host based AV in the cloud. It’s funny how the circle turns, and how we evolve…