OSWP – WiFu Training

I figured that the article that I wrote about the OSCP training that I did a while ago went down really well, I’d write another aritcle about the Offensive Security WiFu course, and the OSWP challenge.

As you probably remember I loved the OSCP challenge, what could possibly be better than a “live hack” to pass an exam!

The WiFu course, walks you through a lot of theory to start off with, and some may be very tempted to skip this section of the material, all I can say is don’t. You will gain a wealth of knowledge on the theory of wireless networking by going through this section. I thought that I already knew quite a bit about wireless networking and the security there of before I took this course, and well, let’s just say that I didn’t.

The course mainly concentrates on how to use the aircrack-ng suite of tools, and it does this in a manner where you actually learn the best way to use these for their relevant purpose. Some people may say, “Why not just read the help/man pages?” Trust me, I read the help/man pages, and I was quite proficient with the aircrack-ng suite before I did the training, now not only am I confident, I also know exactly what I’m doing.

The price of the course is once again extremely reasonable, it comes in at a measly $350, which is honestly nothing for the knowledge that you will gain from doing the course and taking the challenge. They also give you a list of recommended hardware for the course and for me that in itself was worth it. The wireless card I now posses is a lot better than my previous one, and the range really is phenominal.
In regards to the challenge itself, it’s amazing, no bells and whistles, just cracking wireless AP’s in a safe environment, but it’s the stuff that you need to know if you’re planning on doing this in the real world at all. You’re allowed 4 hours to complete the challenge, and this is more than enough time to make the odd mistake here and there.

I’ve read quite a bit on wireless security over the past year or so, and well, I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort by taking this course first. I know that I have easily spent over $350 on books alone on this topic.

If you’re at all currently involved in wireless networks and/or security and you’re thinking about doing some training, make it this course, as it will cover what you need to know.

  • http://fusecurity.com/ sunjester

    How disgusted I was when I read that you paid $350.00. I cannot believe the industry is still so greedy. You paid $350.00 to be shown how to use tools that are open source? Or was the theory really that good? (probably not)

    “The price of the course is once again extremely reasonable”, yea, I love paying $350.00 for a set of videos you DOWNLOAD… you don’t even get to attend a class? I cannot believe people, you, actually did this.

  • http://www.xyberpix.com xyberpix


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I do feel that there is some worth in what you are saying. Yes I did pay to do a course on Open Source tools, but it was an extremely worthwhile course. Could I use the aircrack-ng suite of tools and others mentioned in the course before, yes I could, just nowhere close to as well as I can use them now.

    Granted the theory section I could have picked up out of any wireless networking book, but it wouldn’t have been the same. If you have done any of the Offensive Security training courses, then you will know what I mean here. If you haven’t taken a course from Offensive Security, then unfortunately I feel that you have nothing at all to base your argument on here.

    It would be the same as me saying to someone who has done their MCSE, CCIE, etc, “Why did you bother, all the information is available online?”

    The course teaches you to penetrate wireless networks, and I’m guessing that you have taught yourself this, as I had. So I’m presuming that you’ll also know that there are quite a few ways to achieve this objective, and quite a few tools that you can use. This course is teaches you the quickest and most efficient way to do this, and gives you a few hints and tips along the way.

    I realise that I may just be “feeding the troll” here, but honestly, I’m shocked that you can say this.

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  • http://deauththis.com Harold

    Great review, I’m currently taking the class and have realized as you have that I do not know anywhere near as much as I should on the topic and that my self-teaching really isn’t much compared to this course and it really is a bargain regardless of the op/commenters post.

    I’m worried about how well I’ll do on it, and eh.. I’ve not really picked the best time to start, I start college in a month and I’ve stared p90x..
    But hey if I do well in 3 months I’ll be OSWP certified, ripped! and in college

    lol :) Thanks again man.

  • http://thecorrosiveone.com Harold

    We’ll I’m back..

    I’m in college, I’m OSWP certified.. but sadly.. I’m not ripped lol

  • the heretic

    hey harold, it would be great to hear your perspective on the course, having just finished it. care to share with us?