Buy now! There is no “later”!

Somebody is selling places/reservations in/for a doomsday bunker.

Professional paranoid that I am, I immediately thought of what a great opportunity this is for a scam.  Take the deposits, sell the spaces.  Don’t spend anything on the bunker.  If there is no disaster, you’re golden.  If the world ends, what are they going to do, sue you?

(I like the “pets are free” mention.  Nice touch.  And, if you were going to build a shelter, it would extend the protein supply.)

  • Greg

    What kind of bunker comes with an atrium, for crying out loud? “Oh, yeah, it’s completely safe from nuclear blast, as long as the nuke is more than 500 miles away, preferably to the southeast…”

  • sunjester

    Another man who should be reprimanded for preying on the weak minded. How sick and lonely that man must be.