KHOBE – the money link


In light of the KHOBE story, it seems a “darker” truth has been uncovered. Apparently the researchers have published their advisory in order to sell their research material to anyone who wants to know more than their limited technical details.

Why is this important? Well, it shows that when publishing their research, their intent was to:
1) Scare
2) Sell their software

While there might be legit reasons to check out their research, these new facts do bring the “KHOBE” paper into question, especially whether it is more noise than signal.

More details on the story can be seen here: KHOBE – no problem.

BTW, a bit of exaggeration by our colleague Aviram got him this week’s medal for PR scandal assistant.

  • sunjester

    I liked how they first say it will bypass any security product but then retract and say that a/v companies CAN actually stop the attack, and they don’t even have to change anything, just update the heuristics files.