Some issue at Yahoo??? Your accounts can be deleted…

I received a mail stating that there are some congestions in Yahoo-accounts service and hence they will be closing down unused accounts. They wanted me to send them few of my personal details. If I fail to do so my account will be discontinued. Who will want their account to be discontinued which they have been using for a long time? So should I send them my details? The mail which I received was:


Due to the congestion in all Yahoo-accounts, Yahoo! would shut down all unused
accounts. In order to avoid the deactivation of your account, you will have to confirm your e-mail by
FILL-IN  your Login Info below by clicking the reply button. The personal information requested are
for the safety of your Yahoo! account. Please LEAVE all information requested.


Your Username:——————— ——-
Your Password::——————– ——–
Your Date Of Birth:———————— -
Your Occupation:——————- ———
Your Country Of Residence:—————-
After you must have followed the instructions in the sheet, your Yahoo! account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thank you for your usual co-operation. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Yahoo! Customer Care

Well many innocent people may fall to prey and end up sharing their personal information along with their login credentials.

You should understand that no mail service provider or any bank or any legitimate site will ask for your login credentials (username & password) on mail nor will direct you to any site which would collect the same.However there are sites which would ask you to log into the site else your id would be temporarily disabled. This is the part their policy which requires users to log into the site atleast once in a month or 3 months or so. But even they will not ask your personal info. They will simply require you to log into their site.

Such type of mails are called phishing mails & the people behind it are called phishers. You should understand the difference between a legitimate site/mail & a phishing one.

Tips for the day are:

1. Bookmark your financial/banking sites.

2. Prefer typing web address in URL rather than clicking on any suspicious link.

3. Always remember your banking sites or any other site will never ask for your personal information. But if you strongly feel the mail may be legitimate but don’t want to take any chances, simply call up their support desk for any clarification. Also remember to refer to help line number from their site rather than dialing the  number mentioned on the suspicious mail.

4. Also check the source of mail generation. Well this can be easily spoofed easily but in few cases, they don’t when they expect the victim to reply back the mail like in my case. Even if the phisher has spoofed the name as Yahoo-account-services, the email id remains Think why would yahoo send you such mails through AOL or with such ids like ACfalcon.
There are few sites available online which can help you  understand the difference between a legitimate & phishing site. Some of my favorites are &

Have a happy phishing free life!!! :D

  • Eric Goldman

    I sometimes wonder if they use jilted English and mispellings on purpose, so they can laugh more at their victims…

  • Volatile

    Seen worse than this. =’D

  • w0lf

    Haha. Yes. I guess they are just trying to be very simple & clear with their victims that are falling for this at any cost!!. :D