LinkedIn as a recruitment resource

I’m working on an article about the risks in social networking right now, and I’ve come across yet another blog posting about how to use LinkedIn (and Facebook, and Twitter, etc.) to look for job candidates.

I’ve never quite been able to figure out the attraction of using LinkeDin as a source of employment candidates.  The one thing you know about active socnet users is that they are active socnet users.  If you are at all concerned about your employees wasting time at work, you know right off the top that this is a person who will do that.

Of course, if your company is trying to “get into” the socnet world, you might think this is a good thing.  But it’s quite a leap of faith to think they would do it for you, rather than themselves.

(For us in infosec, there would be the added concern that this person is either telling way too much about themselves, or “tailoring” the facts.  So you either have a failure of confidentiality, or integrity.)

  • mk

    Umm, your logic regarding LinkedIn doesn’t hold water. It’s also pretty odd to compare it to Facebook and Twitter as each serves entirely different purposes.

    LinkedIn is not a social network in the sense Facebook is; people don’t “waste time at work” in LinkedIn – there’s just not that much to do there. LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking tool and as such, a completely different beast from Facebook.

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  • Vold

    Agree with mk. Facebook != Linkedin, linkedin is not a ‘social’ network so much as a list of cv’s and relations between people in business. From a security perspective you also have to consider the fact that linkedin acts like a web of trust, you can actually check if someone’s cv is for real by asking another contact, or reading their recomendations.
    Know all their contacts? Then it’s pretty easy to verify their claims on their cv.
    It’s a bit like checking to see who has signed an applicant’s pgp keys.