Microsoft Security Essentials review (part 2)

My initial, and superficial, review of MSE is still sparking all kinds of comment.

Today it decided to update itself.  Didn’t ask, of course.  It just tied up the computer for about half an hour.  I was able to get some stuff done, as long as I was willing to wait ridiculous amounts of time for responses.

  • Bernie

    Leave your PC on overnight and you wont have a problem ….

  • Brandon

    Using this logic one could argue that since someone’s alternator on their car doesn’t work, they should leave the car running continuously to avoid their car being unable to crank. Did you know that with today’s powerful desktop machines, leaving your avg computer on 24/7 will cost you around $30.00/month? May not be a problem for people with money but with today’s economy most people are looking for any way to save a buck. What’s the harm in cutting the machine off when no one’s gonna be using it for 8-12 hours?