I just read the sad news that st0rke, also known as the maintainer and founder of milw0rm has passed away, the problem with this news item is that it very difficult to judge whether or not it is true, as the source is not “the official news media” you would normally trust.

This of course will not hit CNN, FOX, or any other news agency, and will be posted on, usually, underground mailing list or blog which might or not have a hidden agenda in respect to giving out such news items.

This if of course not the first time someone was claimed to have died, with only rumours circulating and then finally after some time, it was determined to be true, as their site was no longer being updated, and emails sent to him never got a reply.

If it is in fact true, the story about str0ke, I am sadden to hear it, and I send my condolences to his family, wife and 4 kids.

  • noam

    On st0rke’s twitter, he sent a reply saying: I’m not dead yet, just being trolled.

  • alex

    afaik he’s quite alive

  • Volatile

    Trolled or not, it would make alot of sense if he was dead. Milw0rm has not had any new content posted in weeks, and it’s quite irritating, since milw0rm was my #1 source for security information.

    Particularly I always loved it’s huge database of supplied tutorials and abstracts.