Happy anniversary, Apollo 11

On Monday, it’ll be 40 years since a man first walked on the moon.

Big deal, some of you will say.  I imagine that most of the people who read this weren’t even born then, so all your lives were lived after man walked on the moon.

And, really, it wasn’t a big deal.  We came, we walked around a bit, we left.  We never went back.  This week we sent an unmanned spacecraft back, and it took some pictures of the places we once landed.  Big, brave us.

In the 40 years since then, what did we do?  We spent money on wars (and rumours of wars).  “Greed is good” became an acceptable business motto.  We had innumerable economic crashes (mostly due to greed).  Science has become a political football (with politicians and business telling scientists that facts aren’t facts because we can’t afford them).

We did invent the Internet, and personal computers.  We mostly use them now for porn.
So, to all of you kids who don’t remember the great event, accept as a video clip of ancient history:

You’re right.  Big deal.

  • Mike Rohwedder

    And NASA didn’t think it important to preserve the original video tapes of the great event; they were overwritten.