The oldest vulnerability is known – let’s find the oldest data loss incident

The oldest documented vulnerability in computer security world is password file disclosure vulnerability from 1965, found by Mr. Ryan Russell.

Open Security Foundation – an organization behind OSVDB and DataLossDB has launched a competition to find the oldest documented data loss incident.

The last day to make a submission is next Friday – 15th May.
The link is easy to remember –

  • kx

    Was this vulnerability search targeted only at civil computing?
    I’d say Enigma disclosures from 1930s (polish) and 1940s (british) would predate this incident by almost 30 years. Data loss here being the deciphered cryptotext, which changed the direction of the war.

  • Tom Van Vleck

    The term “Multics CTSS” is nonsense. CTSS was the predecessor of Multics: different OS, different computer. I reported this event to Donn Parker in 1974 and by then nobody could remember the exact date, just the year, so Donn put in January 1.

    (The perpetrator had been told to use a program I wrote that did not have this problem. I had to change everybody’s password afterward.)