First Trojan using Sony DRM spotted

As reported by the register, the first Trojan that exploit the previously discussed Sony rootkit has been spotted in the wild.

This comes shortly after a turbulent week for Sony, as they were hit with two lawsuits one from an EFF-like group in Italy and a class-action from the state of California. Both lawsuits claim that they infringe on customer’s privacy without informing them of this possibility during the playing / listening to their music CDs.

I am sure we will see more about this, my guess that even though Sony was the first to get a lot of press on their use of rootkits to protect their IP, I am sure other cases will now come to light, as people will start looking for the patterns of rootkit behavior in other products.

  • pyodor

    Damn Sony!

  • robert s.

    Still like their AIBO though..