The R(evolution) of Bug Hunters

Getting real money for computer security research is making its way from early development and ideas to mainstream, and bug hunters probably have mixed feelings, like teenagers. Its an interesting concept that might actually work. What will become of the vulnerability market when something like this becomes popular?

Either way, these guys are basically saying no more freeloading, Mr. Vendor.

  • ad

    Please enlighten me, why everyone make hype over this #nomorefreebugs initiative? It’s clear for something like 2-3 years in *white market* and for even more years in black market. No more hype over this I would say.

  • jbrown

    True, lots of people have known about it for some time. But this article, as the others, aims to at least remind those and enlighten others.

  • Just Guess

    NoMoreFreBugs – is a nice idea, but you expect who to pay for it? vendors? unlikely people like iDefense? they won’t pay for everything.