Carder spam or not?

I received this email today:

Good morning!

I inform you about site where people trade in stolen credit cards. As i’m a holder of visa classic i’m sincerely
exasperated at appearing such sites in your hosting. I beg of you to take strong measures and don’t be indifferent to heart-break of other people. This complaint will be sent to the FBI.

Best regrads, Jon Shirov.

At first I was shocked, why would someone allow such a site to still be up even though someone reported it to the FBI. I had to do something.

Rushing to the rescue I looked at the site and it appears to be a pretty straight forward scam-sell site, you come there and buy stolen goods.

Why have I been notified only now I wondered… I looked back in my spam log and what do you know the same email appears more than once in my spam folder with different names, dates and of course email addresses :)

I am not sure what the scam/spam’s purpose is, apparently they want you to go to their site and see what they have to offer – you might be a potential customer to their operation.

I of course didn’t dig in to the site, nor am I interested in buying anything found there – on the other hand I will also not report this to the FBI as the site is not hosted inside the United States (It is hosted in Russia), nor is its domain under a US registrar (ends with a SU).

Whoever knows of a place to report such sites to please let me (us) know.

  • Cory

    I received the same email today. Thanks for leaving your comment here. I did not visit the site nor do I intend to. I’m thinking it is for sure spam email.

  • Alex Thomson

    I have received this email four times in the past week. I would be very careful visiting the site as I am informed the risk is high that malware will attach to you.


  • Palya

    The spam is from another carding forum trying to get shut down.Pretty much a battle for customers

  • darkdestroyer!!

    get a fuckin life! why not become a fed? i get lots of spam, do i respond to it? NO! you need to get in the real world and realise that not everything is sugar coated. ‘To the rescue’? WHAT A WANKER!!

  • darkdestroyer!!

    ever heard of the delete button?
    Jon you are exactly the type of guy that gets phished i feel! lol