Fixing security settings

Since the day I got a new laptop I couldn’t access my online brokerage account. Maybe it was a sign that I should stop loosing money, but chose not to listen. I still wanted to log in to my account and at least see what is going on.

So I called the technical support and asked whats wrong. They were very nice and sent me a pdf that explains how I should ‘fix’ my Internet Explorer security settings (obviously they don’t support Firefox)

Here is the interesting part of what they sent:

IE security settings

When I saw it, I called them and asked the guy if they are serious about these recommendations and if there is any other way to continue working online. The guy was very polite and told me he doesn’t know anything about computers and he will ask someone to call me back. Until this minute nobody called.

Lucky me, I use Internet Explorer only when I have no other choice and that doesn’t happen too often, so ‘fixing’ my security settings does not effect my security too much. Unfortunately, if there was one site I would be really happy to have the best security possible, that would be my online stocks account.