Hack this and get what ever you want!

Emails from seemingly no where and from no one trustworthy.. haha
“Dear Hacker,

Manish from this side, i have a good hacking project on linux machine, configuration are below: please considue and if u are able to hack  this system our company can pay whatever u want.  or creat custom exploit that provide reverse shell . this server is online [ip address will be dilivered after project accepted by you] after u hack this system u just provide screen shot of any email header from any user on this server…I am sending you some details that are helpful for you.

Linux 2.6.18, sendmail: 8.13.1, apache 2.0.52, and open webmail 2.52

Suspected open ports:
25, 111(rpc), 443, 1720(SIP), 870(unkwon), 80, 79(finger), 110(pop), 143(imap),
3333(dec-notes), 4444(krb524)

and system is protected by firewall have ttl of system is: 53
Network distance: 10 hops.

Send me mail if u are ready to accept this challenge with project cost and time, so after i send IP address of live server, and money will be dilvered by Wire of paypal or bank transfer, any option that u want.”

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