Your local security group meeting

If you ever went to a blackhat you probably think that the security crowd is a bunch of stuck up, unfriendly, egomaniacs.

That’s why I like the local meetups – the gatherings that bring together people who live in the area and like security as much as you do. Suddenly those same egomaniacs become fun drinking buddies who like to have interesting discussion and share interests.

I just saw an announcement about ARBSEC – “an informal CitySec meetup of local security professionals” in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I spoke at a “rubi-con” conference in Michigan once (is rubi-con still around?) and really liked the local guys. I recommend anybody who likes security and is in the MI area to check it out. If I get to the midwest area on that date I’ll be sure to attend.

The problem with these local meetups is that everybody knows where blackhat is held, but not too many people know where their local security ‘meetup’ is, or if one even exists. I know that there used to be a group meeting in the DC/VA area, and a “Security n’ Suds” monthly gathering in Northern California – both were almost secret and if you didn’t know who to ask, you had no chance of knowing they exist. Other groups like Austin Hackers seem to be defunct or at least stopped updating their web site a few years ago.

So what meetups are currently active? Please share if you know of a local security meeting club. If you want to start a local meetup in your area, try your luck here in the comments section and maybe you’ll find others who would like to join…

  • Joe

    Take a look at There are several local chapters including Boston (New England), Seattle, Atlanta, and others.

  • Amy

    I’m an information Security professional in MI, but I’m on the other side of the hand. We have a meeting in the Grand Rapids area if anyone is interested. It’s called GRSec and is an off-shot of our ISSA meetings. It usually takes place at a bar or the like. There is actually a meeting tonight:

    What: GRSec
    Who: InfoSec professionals and automakers seeking a beer bailout
    When: Tuesday February 24th, 2008 @ 5:30pm
    Where: Grand Rapids Brewing Company

    Here is the blog site, with a list of other security meetings including one in the DC area:

  • Mark Bristow

    CapSec DC ( generally meets on the third Thursday of each month. We have been getting together regularly since November 2007. While we are still looking for that perfect venue, we always meet somewhere metro accessible.

    We are meeting tomorrow (2/25/2009) at Stetsons (1610 U St. NW Washington, DC 20009) @ 7:00pm for anyone who is interested!

  • Aviram

    Thanks Amy!
    The sidelink for other city meetups is impressive.

  • Aviram

    @Joe – I think you meant
    @Mark – count me in for the next time I’m in DC

  • p1

    For those in the Vancouver (BC, Canada) area, check out