Microsoft explains browser security

And you thought this day would never come… read more here.

No, this is not a joke :P

  • Jason

    They talk about IE7, IE8, Firefox, and Chrome but leave out Opera and Safari? Also, I had never heard of the OP browser or the Tahoma architecture until this paper. I had to look them up ( and The paper is interesting, but I don’t understand why they are calling Gazelle an *operating* system as opposed to a *virtual* system of some kind. It doesn’t run independently on the bare metal + BIOS; it requires a host OS underneath it. They way it isolates stuff with ‘landlord’ and ‘tenant’ nomenclature is interesting, but all of it seems resource intensive. Firefox eats up 300+ megs after using it all day. I can’t imagine how much Gazelle would chew through (I know, I know… it’s unoptimized at the moment). I am always interested in new ways to “sandbox” web processes but I don’t see a good way to do it without wasting resources ad infinitum. Something like this wouldn’t work very well on a mobile platform. I know storage and memory prices are subject to Moore’s Law, but that is beside the point. Coding for simplicity and efficiency makes maintenance and troubleshooting more straight-forward.