Kaspersky Injected

Kaspersky’s USA website was hacked by SQL injection. Maybe they should hire some virus writers to secure their website, or better yet, a good penetration testing team.

Grab more details about the incident here.

  • http://insanesecurity.info dblackshell

    after this attack Kaspersky is less trust worthy, not that I trusted Kaspersky till now… not even their AV software :P

  • http://networksecurity.typepad.com/ Juha-Matti

    Kaspersky’s response and additional details are available at
    (What really happened to usa.kaspersky.com/support)

  • http://www.jennsellsfast.com/PageManager/Default.aspx/PageID=1987047 Atlanta real estate

    Kaspersky is definitely less trustworthy now in my opinion. This should never of happened.

  • http://www.krypsys.com/ Krypsys

    A penetration testing would be beneficial for Kaspersky’s. I’m sure they have taken appropriate action to make sure this kind of attack does not happen again