The Internet May Harm your computer!

I have just Googled up some Securiteam pages. Can you imagine my shock when I saw the Google Alert Saying Securiteam can harm my computer?

Active Network Scanning Hacked

Isn’t that great?

Just before I push the Panic Button, I Googled up one more term.

This is what I got:
Site Google Hacked

When I saw this one, I relaxed.

On regular days when you see the message saying “This site may harm your computer” it means that google believes that this site may install malicious software on your computer.
Today Google’s Safe Browsing feature probably freaked out for some reason.

In any case, according to Google, the whole Internet can harm your computer right now, so be careful!

Update: Marissa Mayer wrote in the google blog that the problem happened because the URL of ‘/’ was mistakenly added to the ‘bad sites’ file and ‘/’ expands to all URLs. She also wrote that this problem started at  6:27 a.m. and ended at 7:25 a.m. PST.

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  • Qnix

    Too accurate!

  • Gil Megidish

    Google had a funny week.

    I got 40 spam emails within a minute. Before and after that, it was 99.9999% accurate. How the hell did that happen? I heard it from others on twitter as well.


  • Juha-Matti
  • Jenn from Atlanta

    I was thinking the same thing that day. I wonder if all of the people who tried to access my site that day are still avoiding it?

  • eli

    the whole problem took less then one hour on Saturday morning around 0630 a.m.
    How many people do you expect to find your site in google at this hour?

  • Computer Rental Company

    I did see this event happened. It was alarming to know that no sites are safe to enter that time. But I’ve learned that it was some security glitches from Google’s system. Even huge companies do experience downtime sometimes.