h4x0r SPAM

from alsaher99@hotmail.com

to me
date Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 4:09 PM
subject Vacation reply
mailed-by col0-omc1-s1.col0.hotmail.com

i’m out of service
plz don’t send any mail again
or i will hack your system

You can’t make this stuff up.. ha. Well, you can, but I didn’t. Really.

  • Dave Howe

    Yeah, I get those regularly – they are sent from a hotmail account in response to any postings to (for example) pen-test@securityfocus.com.

    despite the fact they are reliably traceable back as far as bay0-omc3-s32.bay0.hotmail.com, hotmail’s security team continue to assert:

    “we have thoroughly investigate the account and we have verified that the sender forged a Hotmail address to suggest that the message is associated with Hotmail.”

    the other one I usually get is from “jhitsiri@proen.co.th” saying that the recipient has left the company. No response from postmaster@ or administrator@ that domain though, nor have they unsubscribed him from the list.