Vonage phish

This is interesting:

Dear Vonage Member,

Your Vonage Account will expire in: January, 20 2009

This might have happened due to the following reasons:
- You did not accessed your account for more than a month.
- You have dynamic IP address and due to that our system might have interpretated it as a hacking attempt.
- You entered a wrong password 3 times when you tried to connect to your Vonage Account.

To avoid an account suspension, please click link below:


*We will check your IP address, time zone, and confront it with our database logs.

We are very sorry if this affects you in any way but our client’s security is a top priority for Vonage Inc.


Vonage Security Team.

The link points to a phishing site that is stored in India and collects your vonage username and password. Go one directory up to see the complete kit.

This is a cute attack: you may be thinking, what can they possibly gain by logging into a vonage account? Well, Vonage has a useful feature of redirecting your calls to another number. If that other number is a paid service (or an international number, say, in India) you will pay extra and Vonage will pay that service provider (or telcom company). At that point, they just need to call your number and hold the line while counting the revenue coming in – very oldschool.

  • Just Guess

    site is no longer available, as well as FF reports it as a Site Forgery

  • proud army wife

    Well well I have had an the joy of dealing with customer service at vonage and they are so rude. I tried to cancel my service during the 30 days because I dicovered magic jack.Every time I tried to cancel vonage the system was down but conveniently after the 30 day trial I got ahold of them. The guy I spoke with tried to talk me out of canceling which is his job but the way he went about it I will never do business with them again. He was so rude and sarcastic. He questioned my decisions. I told him I did not appreciate the way he was talking to me and he got even more sarcastic told me I would be charged fees and hung up on me. I called back to find out about fees and discovered they took 90.00 out of my account without authorization. Of course they could not give me his name and there are no supervisors to talk to. I will tell people how horrible their customer service is and I hope you do the same. Oh and Magic Jack is awesome!!!! I paid 95.00 which paid for the Magic Jack and 5 years of service. It works great and you can take it anywhere with you.