spam comment template

I was about to delete this spam comment when I realized it’s very relevant – it shows how comment spam works and gives some insight on the programming behind comments that try to disguise as legitimate.

Thanks anonymous spammer!

  • Sam Spade

    Shouldn’t you delete the website hyperlink from the anonymous spammer’s name?

  • Aviram


    All comments on our blogs site have a ‘nofollow’ tag which means posting a spam comment gives you nothing in terms of google pagerank. The only value is if someone sees the comment and decides to specifically click on the hyperlink on the anonymous spammer’s name.

  • jb

    Is there any way to stop a phone-type spam like someone who does not know the receiver and kept calling the one? I got someone calling my phone whole night from around 6PM till 2AM leaving strange messages.

    يا معغن اناعو زك فى شغل متخليش و حده در عليم كلمنى ام تغضه”

    “Hello, good night really i like your voice and i hope to hear u again and know more about u like ur name and how old u are? Good night and good dream with angel my name is ahmed and my number is 0117718273″

    This guy called me again today around 11PM. I just have no time to go to police nor do something with the phone company during the day time…