Everything new is old again – VDI

Argh!  YASMA!  (Yet Another Stupid Marketing Acronym.)  VDI pops up in my email.  And when I search for it (using two kettles worth of carbon emissions), what do I find?  “Virtual desktop infrastructure.”  In other words, thin client, or cloud computing, or just plain virtualization.

It is to weep.

  • http://www.tssci-security.com Andre Gironda

    Nah. VDI is more than just thin clients under virtualization, possibly in a cloud.

    I’ve been running LTSP with FreeNX in a Xen guest for 3 years. That’s not VDI.

    VDI adds some new functionality, such as a connection server (services brokerage) and linked clones (differencing disks). That’s just the beginning.