Well your favorite website’s, favorite way to see if your human or not has a problem — their ‘protection’ has been ‘broken’. Who knew that asking a user to read and type the contents of a distorted image of text would be so easy for a computer/code to do as well? CAPTCHA’s have never even looked secure to anyone with a open security mind, and those swimming in the unconscious thoughts that some day this ‘protection’ would see its core cracked… well today is your lucky day.

But never fear! There is hope (really..?)! The Carnegie-Mellon University team behind CAPTCHA’s big brother, reCAPTCHA, is for some reason continuing research towards the “effort to mix basic  security and useful work”. While the reCAPTCHA service seems like a step in the right direction, I have my doubts. Actually, I think it won’t be too long until the next article at YOURFAVORITETECHNEWSSITE is about this new ‘improvement’ being ‘broken’. Oh internet, have mercy on the little people, and send your spam bots to wreck havoc on another interNET.

  • Mike Crawford


    We monitor our service very closely and have multiple strategies ready should we see a vulnerability in our CAPTCHA. Although any one CAPTCHA is susceptible to breaking over time, to break CAPTCHA’s once and for all would require significant advancement in some fundamental Computer Science problems. Most just aren’t implemented well and as far as we know we’re the only popular CAPTCHA that isn’t broken.

    Over 30 million people a day are now helping us digitize old archives and growing. We’re confident we’ll be around for a long time to make an annoying but necessary security feature do some good. And we’re constantly improving. We just released a new audio version that digitizes old radio.