Obscured busines

Even to right spam you apparently need:

1) A spell checker :)

2) Understand what the words mean

This is the spam email I received, why would someone even want to answer it?

I am Ming Yang,i have an obscured busines suggestion for you.please
Contact me for further details on ( [removed]@yahoo.com.hk )

Kind Regards
Ming Yang
Mail: [removed]@yahoo.com.hk

  • http://pro.grammatic.org Martin

    Your spell checker also needs some help?

    “to right spam”


  • http://www.BeyondSecurity.com Aviram

    @Martin, I think that was tongue in cheek :p

  • http://www.BeyondSecurity.com noam

    The spelling mistake in the post was intentional, but I may want to change it to make myself look less illiterate :)