Not your typical firefox SSL error message

I almost never mistype domain names, so I’m glad firefox was able to catch my error when I did:

firefox warning

(click the image for a larger version)
If you haven’t noticed (I didn’t notice myself in the first 3-4 times; I kept clicking ok and reloading, I thought firefox was acting up) the url is The good news is that the site is owned by google, so I wouldn’t have been phished in any case. The bad news is that google should have either redirected me to the right site or give me an error message instead of showing me the site with the wrong certificate. I know why they are doing it – it’s easier to do a domain catch-all then a redirect, but it’s not good in terms of user experience.

Firefox’s behavior is interesting too. Note that the warning I got was accompanied with a popup dialog that forced me to press ‘ok’ to get to to a second warning on the page itself.

If you don’t remember the typical error message, here is what anybody surfing more than a day with firefox has seen:

typical firefox warning

(click the image for a larger version)

This typical firefox warning tries to let me know something is wrong. The problem is, I’m seeing it so much that I’m adding exceptions left-and-right. In this case of the ‘gogole’ typo, the problem is more sever ( is claiming to be so I guess firefox decided to add a dialog box to the error. I’m not sure what triggers it and how often it’s displayed, but for me this is the first time seeing it, so my guess is that firefox is trying to keep it for the rare occasion when you need the user to understand the warning has escalated.
I wonder if the next escalation will be a warning siren through the speakers with a small electric shock through the keyboard.