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As cloud computing seems to be the latest hot topic, getting about the same, if not more heat than virtualization, I thought that it would be a good idea to post about a blog that I found a few days ago.

It has some really decent points, and good advice for anyone wondering about security in the cloud, take a look, and please post more links in the comments section if you have any of your own, and I will add them to the post, you’ll also get the credit for posting the link :-)
Here’s the link:

  • hello

    The link does not link to but links to a href=”" :-P

  • kurt wismer

    just a heads-up, your link points to securiteam, even though the text says otherwise…

  • Aviram

    @kurt – thanks for the heads-up. Link is now fixed.

  • CH

    Interesting post!

  • cloud computing security

    I don’t see any words for Security in thereSecaaS anyone?Cloud Computing and SecurityThe reason there aren’t any words for Security in the Cloud Computing glossary is because, at least in the current evolution, there is no such thing.Cloud computing has a long way to go before security can even be… as predictable