Purolator knoweth not privacy

My wife happened to go and pick up the book parcel today.  My wife knows about security and privacy.  (Not only does she have to listen to me at the dinner table, but she does her own research.)  One of the things I found out from her, was that it’s legal, in Canada, to ask for and look at a driver’s licence as ID, but it’s illegal, in Canada, for retailers to write down and keep that information.

So when the Purolator staff asked for her driver’s licence, she gave it to them, but made a point to ask them not to write it down.  The Purolator staff member then took the licence and input the details into their computer system.  When my wife complained, the Purolator staff member’s response was insulting and sarcastic.

So, Purolator, is that corporate policy?

Or maybe your need a little more staff training?
(Oh, and Purolator also uses those boxes to collect a digitized sample of your signature.)

  • http://www.BeyondSecurity.com Aviram

    Just curious – is the license ID number useful for anything? Is it like a social security number in the states?

  • http://sun.soci.niu.edu/~rslade p1

    You used to be able to find out someone’s address that way, although I think that has been restricted. In Canada the driver’s licence itself is used a lot more than the SIN (our version of your SSN). Birthdate and address is printed on the card, so it can be used for verification of age and location.

    For more discussion on the privacy issues with retailers in Canada, see http://www.privcom.gc.ca/media/nr-c/2008/nr-c_081202_e.asp