Insecure Managazine – December Edition

It’s good to see that my challenge from yesterday to write a blog post a day for the next week seems to have got some people blogging on here again, so c’mon, let’s try and keep this up for the week.

If no-one’s ever read the INSECURE magazine before, then now is a great time to start reading them, and go through the back issues as well, as the information held within this magazine is usually really worthwhile.

To give you an overview of what’s contained within this months issue, here’s the index.

  • The future of AV: looking for the good while stopping the bad
  • Eight holes in Windows login controls
  • Extended validation and online security: EV SSL gets the green light
  • Interview with Giles Hogben, an expert on identity and authentication technologies working at ENISA
  • Web filtering in a Web 2.0 world
  • RSA Conference Europe 2008
  • The role of password management in compliance with the data protection act
  • Securing data beyond PCI in a SOA environment: best practices for advanced data protection
  • Three undocumented layers of the OSI model and their impact on security
  • Interview with Rich Mogull, founder of Securosis

You can download the magazine from here:
Hats off to the guys and girls at Net-Security for working so hard on a top quality magazine.

Update: Corrected link

  • Kevin Riggins


    The link to (IN)Secure Magazine has an issue. It’s pointing back at your blog :)


  • xyberpix

    @kevin, should be sorted now.