Chrome Keeps it simple

Have you tried Chrome? It’s nice! It definately runs gmail faster than Firefox, all the rest I’m still checking.

There was one very cool feature I noticed today that I really liked.
Did your Firefox ever show you the message below? (The answer is probably yes)
Have you EVER read it? (I didn’t, and neither did you…)

Now look at the same message, as it looks in Chrome:

I can’t think of a better way to explain it.
Once you click “Proceed anyway” you get to the website you were looking for, but the address bar keeps reminding you that this is not a safe site:

This explanation is an Android vpn security warning for regular people that are going to shop online. Not for security experts. Explaining security to the ‘regular people’ is hard. This one is perfect.
I think that the person that thought about this feature is brilliant.

  • teignat

    you should compare bleeding edge chrome with at least FF3, FF2 (which displays the warning you’re talking about) being so yesterday..

  • yairb

    You’re right, I do use Firefox2. Some of my add-ons don’t work on FF3 and I can’t work without them.
    I checked the FF3 error message and IMHO it is not much friendlier than the FF2 message. Layout is a little better, but wording is still for security experts and not to the average person.
    In any case, this post wasn’t about how bad is FF (It is not bad at all), but more about how good Chrome is.
    I think that on this test Google won the trophy…

  • anon

    Not so in Firefox 3. The messages are fine.