HTML5 client-side storage insecurities

alberto trivero posted an interesting whitepaper on the weaknesses of html5′s client-side storage features.

the paper is available here.

…and, like juha-mati wrote securiteam blogs is now 3 years old. oddly enough, after more than 1,000 posts, the most popular post is not one of juha-matti’s famous faqs, sunshine’s rants or rob’s washing-machine story. it’s a meaningless post by noam (no offense, noam) about ie4linux. go figure.

  • Mat

    Indeed, strangely your most popular post is on a relatively inane subject. Yet your blog, which I discovered only a few days ago, has such a load of juicy reading. Kinda like Google who ploughed uber-money into their early R&D, and now the most common use is to look up pictures of Anna Nicole Smith, or is used as an alternative to the browser address bar. Strange world.