Still using Windows 2000? you are at risk

As Microsoft gradually stops supporting Windows 2000, vendors of other products around them also stop supporting it. This is no big deal for those that moved to Windows XP, 2003 or Vista – but it could be a big deal to all those that simply don’t have the computer power to do the switch and want to stick to their working OS.

Microsoft has promised to release security related patches for Windows 2000 for a bit more, but this will eventually stop – what is more concerning is the fact that Adobe and Apple have done this quietly and are placing their users at risk.

It has been quite a while now that Adobe [Acrobat Reader] has not released an update for its software with the claim – you guessed it – unsupported OS, and even more than a while that Apple [QuickTime] has not released an update for Windows 2000.

With the emergence of new vulnerabilities for Acrobat Read and QuickTime people are not only left behind on the vulnerability prevention race track, they are not made aware of it – both programs don’t care enough to give their users adequate wanning they are at risk.

List of issues affecting QuickTime with no apparent fix for Windows 2000:

* QuickTime 7.2 issues, QuickTime 7.3 issues, QuickTime 7.4 issues, QuickTime 7.5 issues – all these probably affect QuickTime 7.1 too