What is your blackberry doing without telling you?

I recently added a contact to my BlackBerry PIN network. The contact was informed of this via an email, and then went on to reply (accept) to this email based invitation.

The response sent from his blackberry was not visible in his “sent” folder, nor was it visible in my “inbox” as apparently BlackBerry has the ability to secretly delete emails as soon as they are processed – thus making it do things a bit “under the radar”.

It’s not yet clear to me how difficult it is to do this manually – adding of a contact to your BlackBerry PIN list – but here are some clues on the email mechanism. Apparently, you need to include in the subject and in the beginning of the message body (subject works in most cases – html appears to behave differently) the following string:

< $RemoveOnDelivery,SuppressSaveInSentItems>

You can combine the above in the subject line with confirm, which will cause BlackBerry to send back a delivery confirmation, combined with the deletion and suppression of saving the item:

< $confirm, RemoveOnDelivery,SuppressSaveInSentItems>