Nematodes Cause Economic Losses

A recently published research paper claims that:
“Nematode infestation on a potato crop results in tuber yield decline and/or reduction in quality, thereby contributing economic loss to the industry”.

How is this related to security?

I can just imagine the same research results but for a different type of Nematodes, Dave Aitel’s Nematode.

Dave Aitel’s Nematodes are designed to be beneficial, exploit a vulnerability in a product, once it has been successfully exploited instead of cause harm cause good – i.e. install a piece of software, initiate an update sequence etc, which in turn will close the security vulnerability.

This approach is both arrogant as well as plain silly. It would be unthinkable to release a weakened small pox virus or even the flue amongst the population just to inoculate them, as you can never control the virus once it has been release. The same goes for such a beneficial Nematode, once it is out of your lab it is out of your hands.

Dave Aitel is not the first person to tackle the idea of beneficial Nematodes, HP has research into the idea and have cooked up solution of Active Countermeasures, which is basically the same idea, release a piece of software that will fix any computer not immune to a certain type of exploit/vulnerability.

It would be sad to see this approach become adopted into the security community, as it means that security community have reached the conclusion that the only way to solve things is by brute force.


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