Ummm, wait a minute …

A recent survey revealed that 57 percent of Americans fear that their account passwords will be stolen when they bank online, and 38 percent do not trust online payment processing, banks and other ecommerce services. [...] Justifying consumer concerns, 21 percent of the respondents in the survey said they had already had their bank data stolen. 40 percent of consumers who took the survey said they would buy more online if the security was strengthened. Another 44 percent of people said that online credit card processing worried them.


Customer satisfaction with online banking sites has risen significantly over the past five years. [...] The reading of 82 was higher than customers gave banks overall – 78 in 2007 – suggesting they are more pleased with banks’ online operations than with branches and call centers. [...] The survey measured customers’ experiences with three types of financial institutions – banks, credit card companies and investment services firms. Banks got the highest score out of the three financial categories.


  • Yair Bar-On

    I wonder if anyone made a survey checking whether people feel safe about giving the pizza guy their credit card number on the phone. or maybe the flower delivery shop? hotels? travel agencies? insurance companies?… I’m sure they will all get a higher rate than “the internet”. And this survey you mentioned wasn’t just “the internet”, it was the banks….

  • Jason

    Hell, I fear that my information will be stolen when I use secured-sites on the Internet. But I do it anyway because the benefits outweigh the risks in most cases.

    I don’t think the survey numbers are indicative of how many people actually do banking online or credit card transactions online, just how many have worries about it.

    Worrying about it is smart.