Why coding after a long drinking night is not a good idea

I’d love to hear the background story behind this one:

[CiscoWorks IPM] version 2.6 for Solaris and Windows contains a process that causes a command shell to automatically be bound to a randomly selected TCP port.

Why on earth? And why a random port?

And if you’re still wondering, yes – it’s a remote root shell with no authentication

Remote, unauthenticated users are able to connect to the open port and execute arbitrary commands with casuser privileges on Solaris systems and with SYSTEM privileges on Windows systems.

Cisco is being cruel and only disclosing the technical info. Common Cisco, share the juicy parts! We want Full Disclosure!

  • http://www.tssci-security.com Andre Gironda

    Do you really think after everything Cisco has done to screw over the security community that they’ll ever change or grow up?

  • http://www.nth-dimension.org.uk/ Tim

    Saw that in the wild once, client told us it was a Cisco product listening on, couldn’t quite believe it but alas we never got to test it any further. Those that saw it refer to it as the “Cisco root shell” ;) .

  • what where they thinking?

    What where they drinking… hrm I mean thinking ?

  • she

    hehe one more reason to avoid cisco

    some companies are just EVIL for no apparent real benefit (or they maybe want to alienate programmers)