Facebook’s My Admirer is gone – and was there spyware at all?

My Admirer application (previously known as Secret Crush) has been removed from Facebook now. The installation process was canceled during the weekend, but now it is finally gone.

Fortinet reported about the Zango spyware installation related to this application last week. The issue was described in this SecuriTeam post.

Response from Zango Inc. is interesting to read – link to the Zango blog here.

From the post:

At no point in adding the Secret Crush widget to a Facebook profile does the widget install either spyware or Zango software, or even attempt to do so. Any suggestion that Zango software is being “secretly installed” is simply not true.

It appears that there was no automatic installation of spyware at all.

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    This is just so amusing, as I recently went on a couple of Solaris 10 courses at Sun, and they we still teaching people to use telnet to get from one host to another!