beThere backdoor still there

I’ve said it before – some vendors just don’t get it. Security culture isn’t something you can fake.

Well, according to theregister, beThere customers are still vulnerable to the security flaw Sid reported here back in February. When you think about the fact this has been reported to beThere long before Sid published the details, you can see how embarrassing the situation is.
Some companies think security advisories should be handled by the PR department. Well, it shouldn’t. And if you’re a beThere customer, fix your system pronto, and take note of your ISP’s attitude when it comes to your security.

  • JenBell

    I cant believe that they have not fixed this yet. Its just a total disgrace in my eyes.

    I am a bit more proactive in my security setup but most home/resi users will most likely never fix this with the ISP doing it for them.

    When I initially got my connection I did the usual online FW tests and for the life of me could not work out why 23/21/20 ports were open on the WAN side…instead of finding out why I replaced the actual router with the CheckPoint ADSL AIO, which does a much better job on all levels.

  • jay

    why whine about the ISP..simply refrain from getting that free router and get a proper one. patch it!