Project Hayneedle

I came across this blog entry, which tries to help German citizens – and others people that are under similar circumstances – confuse the authorities that might be monitoring traffic originating from a single IP address in other to deter him (the citizen) from doing illegal things ( government stated illegal – in the German case security research).

The project named Hayneedle tries to baffle agencies monitoring Internet traffic by generating a multitude of apparently random traffic in order help you to better hide what you are actually looking for – in laymen term, generate enough “noise” so that the “signal” is hidden.

In my opinion, the idea is pretty nice, but I would think that in this case a TOR like solution would be better, as the government seeks here to monitor your IP address’s access to sites, TOR’s goal is to eliminate that ability. In any case I wish the Hayneedle project best of luck, and hope it will make the government understand how fullish they are – no big hops on this part :)

  • german friend

    this looks like a good idea to do in other places as well, such as in the US, where the NSA has been tracking people for years

  • ts

    .. given you weren’t as tech-sawy as you are – would you use something you don’t understand and which is operated by strangers, just trusting them? hope not. :-)

    guess running hayneedle on every fridge could help germans stopping their idiocracy ..

    sitenote: lawenforcements in .de seems to know sh*t about pseudo-anonymity provided by tor and raid the homes of the ones operating exit-nodes; a scared, unaware person could easily come to the conclusion, that using it – a network you don’t know or understand – will raise suspicion ..